Creativity and expression become limitless when you consider concrete as a design material. The properties of concrete allow for it to be molded into any shape and take on any color one can imagine.

The inherent durability of concrete creates a lasting piece within your home or business that will stand the test of time. There is a reason ancient Roman structures are still standing today. Concrete has an earthly, timeless feel that can assume a modern aesthetic, it is truly up to you. Concrete can be integrated with wood or glass to create a truly unique countertop or table within a home or office.

Innovative is the best way to describe concrete as a design material. It can transform any space into a work of art. All of our concrete designs are handcrafted by us, for you. The process is unparalleled to traditional materials like granite and marble that have serious limitations. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

The adaptability of concrete makes it applicable in all areas of a home from kitchens, baths, fireplaces, exteriors, water features, to conference rooms in any business.


Lessen your carbon footprint by making use of concrete designs in your home or office. AVID Renovations & Design makes use of only locally sourced concrete. This concrete is then molded and crafted by hand, in our warehouse in South Florida.

By making everything locally, we save the earth from further exposure to the greenhouse gases used to mine, fabricate, and ship other materials like marble or granite. We also save money through this process, and pass those savings on to you making concrete the most affordable material particularly considering the limitless properties of it.

Other choices such as granite or marble are mined for and manufactured in giant factories that need to ship their monotonous products from far away areas; they aren’t doing the earth any favors.

AVID Renovations & Design is committed to providing one of a kind concrete designs where visions come to life and form meets function. We strive to craft and create with no boundaries, limitations, or unnecessary harm to the environment.

There is nothing wrong with the beautiful aesthetic of more traditional design materials like granite or marble. In fact, concrete can be manipulated to look exactly like granite or marble. AVID Renovations & Design simply wishes to offer our expertise in the alternative medium of concrete, what we prefer!


When looking to renovate or redesign your home, there are a couple traditional materials that come to mind. Granite, synthetic solid surfaces, tile, laminate, and quartz have all been used for decades to enhance the value of a home.

The issue with all of these materials are their limits. Until concrete, there was not one material that could satisfy all the needs of a home or business owner. We want to help you make the right choice for your space.

We love concrete and we hope you do to, but below is a list of a variety of materials and their benefits. It isn’t hard to see that concrete really is king. In all categories, concrete is able to satisfy any needs.