Decorative Concrete Designs

AVID Renovations & Design is one of the first home renovation providers to specialize in the artisanship of crafting concrete, creating an entirely new market for custom concrete designs to match the needs of South Florida homeowners. We saw the potential for concrete as an environmentally safe and economically sound material to be used in an innovative new way: As a medium for individualized countertops, floors, sinks and other fixtures.

We have been working for fifteen years with our artisans, contractors and customers in perfecting concrete craftsmanship. Concrete is an ideal material for Boca Raton, FL remodeling, because it is easily manipulated, long-lasting, and relatively inexpensive. Not only is it more efficient to use in comparison to coveted materials like marble or granite, but it has endless stylistic versatility.

Concrete Craft

Metalworkers are highly regarded for their ability to turn precious metals and gemstones into wearable works of art, and woodcarvers receive public praise for their ornate furniture making, but the skill of concrete crafting is still widely unheard of. What makes our work a true artisan trade is more than just our ability to customize nearly any concrete piece you need. We have a commitment to exceptional aesthetic and functional detail: We want to change how concrete is perceived as a renovation material, and show just how timeless concrete craftsmanship can be.

Our dedication to the artistry of concrete crafting is exhibited in each and every project we undertake. Our contractors in Fort Lauderdale are trained, have just as much experience as our concrete smiths, and are ready to work together with you in making your dream renovation a reality.

Color Options

Standing apart from other materials, concrete is a completely customizable medium: It is the only design material that can be transformed into virtually any shape, and take on nearly any color imaginable. When you come to us with your vision in mind, our contractors and artisans will take your ideas and translate them into molds that can be used (and reused) to make just the right piece for your home.

Some of the colors that we offer here at AVID Renovations & Design are included in the color chart below. We also have options for:

●Wood finish
●Marble finish
●Granite finish
●Wood integration
●Polished finish
●And More!

Concrete can have a natural aesthetic, bringing a much more organic feel to any space it is included in. Unlike harder materials, concrete is easily textured, too.

You can explore our design gallery of other Boca Raton, FL, concrete projects that we have worked on for a little inspiration of your own. From concrete countertops to an outdoor sink, the possibilities are truly limitless!

Some of AVID Renovations & Design’s Concrete Applications Include:

●Conference Tables
●Water Features
●Wall Panels
●Outdoor Kitchens

Free Estimates

At AVID Renovations and Designs, we won’t surprise you with hidden costs. Call us today if you need an estimate for your Fort Lauderdale, FL home renovation and receive one from our contractors at no extra charge.

Concrete is the only design material that can be transformed into virtually any shape and take on any color.

This makes concrete the ideal choice for any home or business looking for an affordable way to completely customize and create a one of a kind space. Our concrete designs are hand crafted using locally sourced materials.

The process creates a product where form truly meets function. Its timeless aesthetic and inherent durability makes concrete the leading design material that causes no unnecessary harm to our environment.


  • Color wheel (see color chart below)
  • Wood finish
  • Marble finish
  • Granite finish
  • Wood integration
  • Polish, stamps, stains
  • Inlays
  • Explore our design gallery to get more inspiration
decorative concrete designs boca raton fl


  • Countertops
  • Concrete and Wood Integration Pieces
  • Sinks
  • Stairs
  • Conference Tables
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Water Features
  • Wall Panels
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • There are no limits, call us TODAY!


Let us help you design your next big idea. We bring limitless concrete design ideas to life!