Commercial kitchen flooring routinely undergo’s harsh treatments. These high volume areas need to make use of the proper commercial flooring in order to retain value and increase the floorings life. Frequent washing, constant exposure to hot oil, grease and moisture make kitchen floors extremely vulnerable to degradation and cracks. AVID Renovations & Design’s professionally installed commercial flooring will save your business money and headaches.

How do you select the best flooring system for your commercial kitchen? It’s important to first understand this unique environment’s considerations.

Best Options for Commercial Kitchen Flooring

The best flooring system must be seamless, sanitary and antimicrobial, USDA approved, moisture resistant, skid-resistant, and be able to withstand chemicals, high temperatures and thermal shock.

Though the term epoxy flooring is often used to generically describe all types of seamless, resinous, flooring systems, in fact, fluid-applied flooring systems comprised of epoxy resins are not appropriate for commercial kitchens. They cannot withstand the extreme environment over time.


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